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Ever wish you had a butler in your pocket?

Let the stressful things slide out of your life and into my app.

I’ll manage your documents, set up your insurance, and grab you a tech when something breaks. 

Think of me as your house manager.

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hyme. bends over backward to help anyone with a house get the best service providers

From streamlining paperwork to scoring better internet, I’ll help you relax about the details, so you can spend more time doing whatever rocks your world.


Contracts and deadlines have never been so easy.


Simplify communication between tenants, landlords, and service partners.


Get fast, trustworthy, vetted connections.

“It handles my life, so I don’t have to.”

Lucy Greer, Owner, Green Estates, Flevoland

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See success stories

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hyme. The app for regular people with extraordinary lives

I'm the friend that keeps sensitive details private

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AI makes it simple

Even when it all goes wrong, you can wake up stress-free with me... and that includes that moment in the near future when you’ll have no clean clothes and a broken washing machine. Don’t worry! I’ve already arranged the mechanic.  😉

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Get answers before you ask.
Get a house manager.
Get power.

I’m Safe, Reliable & Smart

(and sometimes a smart-ass 😁)

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Sign up for hyme.

So you can make time for wine. 

Privacy guaranteed. Certain requirements and features vary by region and city.

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