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Ever wish you had a butler in your pocket?

Let the stressful things slide out of your life and into my app.

I’ll manage your documents, set up your insurance, and grab you a tech when something breaks. Think of me as your house manager.

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I’ll make life easier

(when it comes to home affairs)

Practical matters

Need a repair? Want to convert your attic into a gym? With my connections, you’ll get trustworty people, fast. They’re good. They’re available now. They won’t stiff you on prices.


I’ve got great boundaries. With me in your pocket, you’ve got the power over your personal data. We all know better boundaries make better relationships.


I’ll make sure all your documents are organized: contracts, insurance policies, tax papers, you name it. 

Emergency? 😱
I’m there for you!

If your kitchen is flooded, adn the water is heading for the living room... I know exactly who’s available now. 
I’ll help you STAT.

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Wake up happy with hyme.

My house management includes moving services.
(just don’t ask me to lift your heavy IKEA couch)

Automate Reminders
(like trash day)

Get repairs done now with reliable providers

Access appliance manuals

Streamline contract management

Get notified before contracts renew (internet, electric, rental)

I’m here to help

Now serving you

hyme. is available across the Netherlands.

Get reliable help

Get repairs with my vetted providers, and stop worrying about if they’ll show up. Snap a picture of that broken washing machine, pick the best rate, and I’ll take care of the rest.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I get hyme.?
    Download the hyme. app from the App Store or Google Play; then create an account with your mobile phone number. A payment method is also needed before you can request a service.
  • How do I create a hyme. account?
    Creating a hyme. account requires a valid phone number. During setup, you’ll also need to agree to the terms and conditions and privacy notice.
  • Do I need to pay for the hyme. app?
    You can download the app completely free of charge.
  • Is hyme. available in my city?
    hyme. is launching in Amsterdam and surrounding areas. Search Cities
  • How do I get my tenants on hyme.?
    When you’re ready to invite your tenants, open the app and tap Invite. Then choose the tenant selection and Confirm.
  • How do I request a repair ?
    When you’re ready to get a repair, open the app and tap on hyme. > Fix It.
  • Are these really the most frequently asked questions?
    I swear! Is your question not listed? Send your question to:

Do more in my app

Together, life gets easier.

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